Fort Worth Paralegal Association


The Job Bank is a benefit to FWPA members only and is a service to the legal profession and other employers of paralegal/legal assistant positions in the DFW Metroplex area.  Resumes are dated upon receipt and, with the exception of the freelance category, are retained in the Job Bank for at least three months unless the Placement Chair is notified otherwise.


The FWPA Job Bank is a FREE SERVICE available to law firms and other entities seeking paralegals/legal assistants in the DFW Metroplex.  The Job Bank was created to assist our members in locating positions in the legal field that meet their educational and professional experience.  Employers using the FWPA Job Bank may be assured that our candidates are qualified through education, training and work experience to perform the requirements of their positions with the professionalism and high standards necessary in the challenging legal environment.  We will be happy to advertise a position and have applications/resumes directed to the Job Bank, rather than your firm being contacted direct. Of course, if you prefer, candidates may contact your firm direct.  Upon placement of a listing in the Job Bank, the Placement Chair will forward to your firm copies of resumes from our Job Bank.  The position will be advertised in the FWPA placement bulletin and the Cowtown Paralegal Reporter, unless notified otherwise and remain in the bulletin and reporter until the Placement Chair receives notification the position has been filled. To place a listing in the FWPA Job Bank, please contact the Placement Chair.


If you are a member of FWPA

View the Job Bank Listings.

If you are a member of FWPA and are a Voting, Sustaining, Student, Associate, or Freelance/Independent Paralegal member, you may use the Job Bank listings published monthly.  You may also contact the Placement Chair for more recent job availability or to place your resume in the Job Bank.  Resumes are treated confidential.  If there is a particular employer to whom you do not want your resume forwarded, please note any restrictions in the cover letter attached to your resume.  If you obtain a position through the Job Bank, or are notified by an employer when you are seeking employment that the position has been filled, please notify the Placement Chair so that the listing may be removed.  Resumes will be maintained in the Job Bank for a period of three months.  If you wish your resume to remain in the Job Bank, it will be the member's responsibility to notify the Placement Chair in advance of the expiration of the three-month period.  To inquire about the job listings in the FWPA Job Bank or to send your resume, please contact the Placement Chair.