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Leadership Biographies

Caitlin Ginn

Caitlin "Caitie" Ginn

I have a great deal of experience in the legal field since before I was 18. As a child I rode co-pilot with my dad. He was a long time private investigator and as a kid, there was nothing more excited to me than going after the bad guys and riding around with dad all day. I was so enthralled that I would preemptively take down tag numbers and write, mostly illegible, notes about what I saw during our day. This is what started my career in the legal field and I would never be able to thank my father enough. When I turned 18 I obtained my PI license and went straight to work along side my dad. Over the years I worked as a private investigator focusing on criminal, civil and family law as well as administrative work with my family's business for 8 years and had managed it at times. I've worked as a legal assistant for two solo attorneys in Downtown Fort Worth focusing on family and criminal law. I truly believe I can do anything I set my mind to which is why I am aiming to become board certified in family law in 2020.

Trisha Klement

Trisha Klement, CP

Trisha Klement, CP, joined the legal field in 2009 at a small firm in SE Oklahoma, where she was raised. Originally from north central Texas, Trisha claims to be a Texoman, and is familiar with both Texas and Oklahoma law, primarily in personal injury and business litigation. She is currently the Litigation Paralegal at McDonald Sanders, P.C. Before earning her CP from NALA in 2010, Trisha worked in the agricultural communications and publications field, and has an extensive marketing background. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Oklahoma State University, double majoring in Agricultural Communications/Animal Science. 

Raised on a dairy farm and near Lake Texoma, she is happiest outside playing on the farm or spending time on the water. Outside of the office or FWPA functions, she enjoys traveling to see friends and family across the globe, runs on the Trinity Trails, live music at local venues, and visiting museums and various local events. Always up for catching a game, Oklahoma State football is her favorite! She is an active member of Holy Family Catholic Church, and regularly volunteers for local charitable causes and fundraisers.