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2024 FWPA Scholarship

Apply for the 2024 FWPA Scholarship Award

Contact:  Donna Patterson, FWPA Scholarship Chair,

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Deadline to apply:  JULY 31, 2024

 Scholarship(s) will be awarded:  August 2024 at the August General Membership Meeting

Celebrating Excellence:
Susan Vallone Receives
Fort Worth Paralegal Association's
2023 Outstanding Scholastic Achievement Award

    The Fort Worth Paralegal Association is pleased to announce
Susan Vallone as the recipient of the 2023 Outstanding
Scholastic Achievement Award. This prestigious honor is not
just a recognition of Susan's academic prowess but a celebration
of her commitment to excellence in the field of law.
   Susan, an exemplary student at the University of Texas at
Arlington's Paralegal Program, has consistently demonstrated an
unparalleled dedication to her studies. Her tireless efforts and
academic diligence have earned her the admiration of peers and
professors alike, making her a standout candidate for this
esteemed award.
   The Outstanding Scholastic Achievement Award is not only a
testament to Susan's academic achievements but also a
recognition of her potential as a future leader in the legal
profession. The $500.00 scholarship accompanying the award
serves as both a token of appreciation and an investment in
Susan's promising future.
   Expected to graduate in the spring of 2024, Susan Vallone has
maintained an exceptional A+ record throughout her academic
journey. Her commitment to excellence extends beyond the
classroom, reflecting a genuine passion for the legal field and a
determination to make a meaningful impact.
   The Fort Worth Paralegal Association takes pride in fostering the
growth of aspiring legal professionals, and Susan Vallone
embodies the qualities that this award seeks to honor. Her
dedication to scholastic achievement, coupled with her
enthusiasm for the paralegal profession, positions her as a
deserving recipient of this year's accolade.

Susan Vallone (left), Donna Patterson (right)

    As Susan continues her academic journey, we extend our heartfelt congratulations on this well-deserved achievement. The Fort Worth Paralegal Association is confident that Susan Vallone will not only excel in her future endeavors but will also contribute
significantly to the legal community.

   Congratulations, Susan Vallone, on being recognized for your outstanding scholastic achievement, and we look forward to
witnessing your continued success in the field of law.

Student Member Scholarship Award

Fort Worth Paralegal Association is offering a college or paralegal school scholarship to students who meet all of the qualifications and rules stated herein. If chosen, the student may be awarded up to $500.00 to be paid directly to their school. These funds may only be used for paralegal courses or books.  

The FWPA is looking for passionate student members who will continue to foster paralegal education and ethics in the Texas legal community.

If you have any questions regarding FWPA Scholarships, please contact Donna Patterson, Scholarship Chair, for questions and other information.

QUALIFICATIONS AND RULES (All five rules apply to applicants)1.Students who are current FWPA members.  2. Students who are at least 17 years of age.  3. Students who maintain a minimum “B” grade or 3.5 GPA. Grades will be verified by review of current college transcript, that is to be provided with this application.  4. Students must be enrolled in a minimum or six credit hours or 2 courses in the last calendar year,in a paralegal or legal assistant program.  5. Students must be a resident of Tarrant County.

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