Fort Worth Paralegal Association

Information About the Paralegal Profession

In order to gain a broad understanding of the paralegal profession, FWPA would like to direct you to several websites that are listed below containing detailed, thorough information about the functions of the paralegal profession. These sites provide excellent reference material.

Paralegal Division of the State Bar of Texas ( - Select "Ethics" and see "Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility."  Also, see the Paralegal Ethics Handbook that is authored by members of the Paralegal Division.

Texas Bar College ( - "Stand by Me:  Effective (and Ethical) Use of Paralegals."

National Federation of Paralegal Associations ( - Select "Getting Started" or "Professional Development" to locate "Roles and Responsibilities" and then select the topic handbook on Paralegal Professional Responsibilities.

National Association of Legal Assistants ( - Select "Paralegal Profession" topic to locate The Corporate Human Resource Guide to the Legal Assistant/Paralegal Profession.

Local Paralegal Programs

Please access the information below to gain an understanding of each school's curriculum, semester durations, tuition expenses, and program overviews:

Arlington Career Institute

Southeastern Paralegal Institute

Tarrant County College

Texas Wesleyan University

University of Texas at Arlington/Continuing Education 

Donna C. Patterson, Professor of Paralegal Studies, (817) 703-8727 |   UTA Registration: 817-272-2581, Fax: 817-272-2556

 Golden Opportunity

We also strongly encourage student members to become involved in our Community Service Committee as a way for student members to interact with our veteran paralegal members. Contact the Community Service Chair for more information.

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