Fort Worth Paralegal Association


Paralegal of the Year Award


Must have been a voting member of FWPA 1 year; have 5 years of experience in a paralegal position; and must have served as an officer, chairperson or committee member of the FWPA.


State the significance of involvement with his/her firm; qualifications; experience; qualities that contribute to outstanding performance in the paralegal field.

Fort Worth Paralegal Association Paralegal of the Year

1989   Cherie Helstrom, CLA

1990   Mitzi Moore

1991   Kay Wooley, CLA

1992   Cheryl Kensing, CLA

1993   Betty Reinert, CLA

1994   Starlene Moore, CLA

1995   Betsy Horn, CLA

1996   Julie Rodgers, CLA

1997   Cathy Burnett, CLA, TBLS

1998   Scott Sanner, CLA

1999   Jeannetta Castle, CLA

2000   Melissa Sherman, CLA, TBLS

2001   Leticia Martin, CLA

2002   Pat Hammer, CLA, TBLS

2003   Misty Callicott, CP

2004   Christine Reid, CLAS

2005   Brenda Shirley, CP

2006   Julie Sherman, TBLS

2007  Karen McAbee

2008  Mary Ann Shurley 

2009  Allen Mihecoby, CLAS, RP

2010  Doris Jackson

2011   Michele Rayburn, CP, TBLS

2012   Melody Mullen

2013   Katrina Lee

2014   Megan Goor, TBLS

2015   Debbie House, CP

2016   Susy Johnson, TBLS

2017   Mary Wintermote

2018   Mandy Sherman

2019   Trisha Klement, CP

2020   Joy Trammell

2021   Susan Davis, TBLS

2022   Summer Chappell

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