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As described in detail on our criteria page, FWPA has 8 types of memberships: Voting, Sustaining, Associate, Freelance, Student, Emeritus, Patron, and Law firm.

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If applying as a Voting member, I certify that I work under the direct supervision of a Texas licensed attorney and perform specifically delegated substantive legal work for at least eighty percent of the time and that a licensed attorney is responsible for my (Applicant's) work product; OR I am a freelance paralegal who has performed specifically delegated substantive legal work under the direct supervision of an attorney during the past six (6) months.

If applying as a Student member, I hereby apply for student membership with FWPA.  I hereby certify that I am currently enrolled in an accredited Texas paralegal program leading to a degree or certificate of completion.  I hereby give my consent for a representative of FWPA to contact the administrator of this program for verification or clarification of my qualifications for membership, and I understand that if any information submitted in this application is false, it will be grounds for denial of my application.

Applicants agree to be bound by the FWPA Bylaws, and the statements on the application are true and correct.  If a member violates FWPA's Bylaws and/or Code of Ethics, FWPA reserves the right to terminate that membership immediately with all membership dues forfeited.

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